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Capability Counts 2018

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Rajendra T Prasad, Accenture

Managing Director

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Rajendra Prasad (RP) is the Lead for Automation and Artificial Intelligence at Accenture Technology Services. In this leadership role, RP focuses on driving the efficiency of Application Services across the IT application lifecycle. He leads the team that created and currently deploys Accenture myWizard, an intelligent automation platform with Artificial Intelligence at its core.

Through his engagement with clients and being a part of their journey to stay relevant and competitive in the increasingly digital world, RP plays a critical role in making automation a key component to optimize clients' applications.


AI-Infused Project Management

Conference Track: Innovative Approaches with CMMI

Problem Statement: Enhanced Value derivation from project management functions in ever changing project environment has been a daunting challenge. Artificial Intelligence as a technology enabler is explored here for addressing this challenge. Solution Overview: Project Management functions are dissected at various phases right from initiation to closure to identify Value Pools. Value Pools are the identified points where key value derivation for project management function exists. These are then prioritized and mapped to potential improvement areas by leveraging NEW IT possibilities.