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Capability Counts 2018

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Sonu Goel, Vice President

Optimal Solutions and Technologies, Inc.

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Sonu Goel is a management and technology leader with over 18 years diverse experience across industries and technology domains. She currently manages a solution delivery organization of 120 professionals, supporting a variety of SDLC, PMO, System Integration programs, and datacenters. She has operational and strategic experience in running real-time mission critical information systems for governments and commercial organizations. She has expertise in building high impact teams, product management, architecture & governance, and implementation of complex systems. She has an Engineering degree from National Institute of Technology in India and an MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Management in the US.


Modular Methodology - Beyond Agile & DevOps

Conference Track: Integrating Models, Standards, and Methodologies

Have you been asked to choose between CMMI, Agile or DevOps? Are you finding it hard to pick one approach & not able to reap benefits of some of best practices other approaches bring? One of our projects had similar concerns.Already operating at CMMI L5, how would they make transition to Agile/DevOps without losing benefits of CMMI in competitive federal government environment? Could we deliver high quality products with speed, agility & innovation through continuous Delivery & Governance without compromising quality? This presentation will discuss how our focus on Delivering Fast, Optimizing the Whole & Building Quality In, while respecting people and culture of organization created positive experience for all.