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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Fast Track to High Maturity with Lean and Agile

Ruben Chalico, Capability Management Team, Blue People 

Blue People Capability Challenge

How did CMMI adoption contribute to your performance improvement success?

While we already had our flow of information established, CMMI was critically helpful for setting up clear and achievable goals and selecting the key processes we needed to statistically control in order to achieve said goals. Guided by CMMI performance improvement practices, we  established a layered continuous improvement cycle based on statistical analysis of those key processes, implementing causal analysis processes to understand out-of-range values and detect improvement opportunities. We were also able to create prediction models which enabled project managers to accurately predict performance deviation and bug insertion at the initial phase of the project and compose a tailored process that would yield the best results.


Blue People’s needs proved to be satisfied by CMMI-DEV ML 5; after a successful adoption and transition, investment costs incurred were far outweighed by the documented improvement in our main KPIs. Prediction models provided our highly effective and proactive teams with better tools to forecast and manage projects, keeping performance deviation and bug insertion under check. This led to higher efficiency and lower schedule deviation which increased customer satisfaction and profitability. By embracing higher maturity and capability practices at an accelerated pace, we established a statistically managed process and strategic improvement cycles as we keep building momentum for the future.


  • Performance deviation mean improved by 76%
  • Standard deviation improved by 22% Mean .2384 with StDev .1263 to Mean .0575 with StDev .0987 Defect Density mean improved by 70%; standard deviation improved by 80% Mean .2081 with StDev .1495 to Mean .0621 with StDev .028820% improvement in average project effectiveness 80% improvement in average scheduled deviation by sprint.

Ruben Chalico

Ruben Chalico is currently part of the Capability Management team at Blue People and helped lead their Maturity Level 5 CMMI adoption through 2018. He is passionate about innovation and improvement, and his creative mindset thrives on constant and sudden change. His eclectic diverse background ranging from R&D in Ultrasonic Systems to Manufacturing Automation provides him with a wide perspective, leading to effectively developing solutions. Some would argue his creativity in finding the most effective approach is only surpassed by his ability to make the best guacamole.