CMMI Institute

Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Doug Grindstaff, Senior Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions

CMMI Institute

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A successful executive with an impressive track record in the Bio Tech and High Tech industries, Grindstaff has held several Senior Executive and Board positions, in addition to his current role, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Development for the CMMI Institute, he previously served as CEO of NuSirt Sciences, CEO-in-Residence for Carnegie Innovations Portfolio, and President of the Invisible Fence brand. Prior to that, he served as Chairman and President of Bioganic, where he oversaw rapid expansion into the retail marketplace, as well as the acquisition by a well-known consumer brands company. Grindstaff also served as an executive for a number of private and public consumer brand companies, including Kraft Foods, Inc.


Building Cybersecurity Capability, Maturity, and Resilience

Conference Track: Building Resilience Through Greater Cybersecurity Capability

Cybersecurity capabilities are the foundation of cybersecurity resilience: the ability not only to detect and ward off most threats but also to survive successful attacks and mitigate their impact. Resilience is an essential strategic goal, because the cyber security landscape changes rapidly and unpredictably as threats evolve and new attack surfaces are created. Attend this session to learn about the CMMI Cybermaturity Platform and how it combats cyber risk.