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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Pat O'Toole, Principal Consultant


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Pat O’Toole is the only, and certainly the most well-respected, employee of Process Assessment, Consulting and Training (PACT), a CMMI-based consulting firm. He is one of the most active high maturity lead appraisers and has taught the “Intro to CMMI” course over 80 times. Pat has published over 50 articles and 25 research papers related to the CMMI, SCAMPI appraisals, and other performance improvement-related topics. With nearly 40 years of software development, project management, and consulting experience, Pat works with all levels of management, EPGs, and Process Action Teams in establishing, evaluating, and sustaining their performance improvement initiatives.


CMMI V2.0 – Why Should You CAR?

Conference Track: Improving Quality with CMMI

In CMMI V1.3, Causal Analysis and Resolution, or CAR, was a Maturity Level 5 (ML5) process area. So ML3 organizations could simply leave CAR in the parking lot until they implement the ML2 - ML4 process areas. With the introduction of CMMI V2.0, however, CAR needs to be firing on all cylinders to achieve ML3. This session will steer you through CAR’s operator manual to help you understand the mechanics behind the various level 2 and level 3 practices, as well as the various implementation options available to you. Given the limited amount of time, the session won’t be exhaustive, but it will be a gas!