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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Paul D. Byrnes, Principal and CEO

Integrated System Diagnostics, LLC

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Paul co-founded ISD in 1994 as an SEI spin-off. Paul was the CMM® Based Appraisal (CBA) Project Leader and principal architect of ISD’s Comprehensive Appraisal Method. He has led over 100 appraisals through ML5. He is a CMMI Institute Certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser for V2.0, V1.3 DEV/SVC, and Instructor for V2.0, V1.3 DEV/SVC., CMMI Institute Partner Advisory Board (PAB) member, Member of the NDIA Multi-Model working group, Member of the CMMI Next Gen multi-model appraisal working group, Member of the SCAMPI V1.3 Upgrade Team, Member of the team that developed the Intro to CMMI-SVC course, Member of the SCAMPI Lead Appraiser Body of Knowledge (BoK) Advisory Board.



Lessons Learned Performing a Very Large Multi-Model High Maturity Appraisal

Conference Track: From Practice to Excellence

Appraisals are complex. Doing them efficiently and effectively is a challenge. High Maturity events ramp this up by a factor of ten. Large organizations have unique challenges determining an appropriate representative organization scope that can be assessed within reasonable budget constraints. Add in multi-model scope and you have a perfect storm of appraisal management issues. This presentation will provide insights, experiences, costs, benefits, and lesson learned implementing such an appraisal.