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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Speaker Profile

Ronald Lear, Director of IP Development and Chief Architect of CMMI Products and Services

CMMI Institute


As the CMMI Institute’s Director of IP Development and Chief Architect of CMMI Products and Services, Ron brings over 34 years of experience with continual performance improvement, quality, and process management to supporting the development and launch of CMMI Products, including CMMI V2.0, the Medical Device Discovery Appraisal Program (MDDAP), and Cybersecurity Assessment products. Ron is a Certified High Maturity Lead Appraiser (CHMLA), certified Instructor, and experienced consultant in the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration with over 300 appraisals completed to date with multiple global industries and small and large (e.g., Fortune 50/500) organizations, including aerospace, automotive (e.g., U.S. Army Tank Command, Tier 2 and 3 automotive Suppliers, BMW, Volvo), biomedical, defense, finance, healthcare, insurance, IT, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and systems and software integrators.
Ron has also successfully held numerous executive and management roles for product and solution development, service delivery, and supplier management. In these roles, he has managed both small and large teams and projects delivering high-quality software, hardware, systems, and services to a wide variety of clients who are still using those products and services today. This experience also includes agile, DevOps, and CMMI High Maturity-based development and services efforts. 


Panel Discussion: CMMI® and Agile in the Defense Sector: Challenges and Opportunities

Conference Track: Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, thought-leaders and innovators working in the U.S. defense sector – Government, defense contractors, consultants, and CMMI Institute – will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and value of adopting CMMI V2.0 and Agile in major Department of Defense (DoD) programs.

Panel Discussion: CMMI V2.0 Early Adopters

Conference Track: Panel Discussion

This presentation will include a panel sharing customer experiences from adopting CMMI V2.0.

CMMI V2.0 – A Deeper Look: II/GOV

Conference Track: Exploring CMMI V2.0

This presentation will provide an in-depth review of the Practice Areas of Implementation Infrastructure (II) and Governance (GOV).

CMMI V2.0 – Piloting Security Content

Conference Track: Exploring CMMI V2.0

This presentation will provide pilot experiences from leveraging the draft security content.