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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Shannon M. Quinn, Quality & Process Improvement Manager


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Shannon Quinn has over 10 years’ experience in industrial/organizational quality management field and is currently the manager of the Quality & Process Improvement Team at ICF, an international IT development and consulting firm. Shannon works with federal software development projects as an "office coach," hosting role-based trainings of processes and methodologies such as agile Scrum; an "office therapist," implementing improvements based on project's needs, and an "office linebacker," performing audits of the projects against the organizations quality standards to ensure they maintain and improve their Maturity Level 3 capabilities.


Do the Math: the Secrets of Agile Metrics Revealed

Conference Track: CMMI: One Size DOES Fit All

You may recognize terms like “velocity” and “burn rate”, great! But what about deriving initial estimations during the Vision Phase of release planning? Upon sprint completion, what quantitative analysis of metric actuals really matter? How can you leverage them in the next sprint planning? Learn how to determine metrics in sprint zero to guide your project’s roadmap. Leverage derived metrics based on your team’s unique adaptation of the agile methodology. Calculate both derived and actual metrics of: focus factor, sprint hours capacity, sprint points capacity, and velocity before every performing a sprint and to prefect after! This session will reveal these terms, definitions, and formulas!