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CMMI Development is an integrated set of best practices that improves performance and key capabilities for organizations that develop products, components, and services.

In today’s high-technology business environment, nearly all organizations are building increasingly complex products and services. As a result, the product development lifecycle has become more difficult to manage and control – organizations frequently experience cost overruns, defects impacting quality and customer expectations, and missed deadlines due to re-work.

CMMI Development is an integrated set of best practices that improves an organization’s capability to develop quality products and services that meet the needs of customers and end users.

Key Benefits:

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    Improve Time-to-Market — ensure products and services are delivered quickly and efficiently with little to no re-work.

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    Increase Quality — improve product development quality and consistency to reduce defects.

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    Reduce Cost — lower costs through improved planning, scheduling, and budgeting processes.

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    Improve Product Lifecycle Management — meet customer expectations across the entire product lifecycle from delivery to maintenance and operations.

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    Gain Organizational Agility — leverage revenue-enhancing and cost-cutting opportunities to deliver products and services quickly, effectively, and consistently.

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Starting with CMMI — CMMI contains a view specifically for Development and offers new features, including an online model viewer for accelerated adoption.

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An appraisal is an activity that helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s processes and to examine how closely the processes relate to CMMI best practices. The first step in getting your organization appraised is to find a Lead Appraiser.

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ISACA provides guidance for efficient, effective improvement across multiple process disciplines in an organization. Whether you are just getting started with CMMI or have decades of experience, our training courses will move you along your career path. You can find all upcoming CMMI Courses on our Course Calendar.

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CMMI Certified Individuals understand what it takes to get measurable results through the adoption of CMMI practices. They are making an impact in organizations around the world, and you can join their good work by pursuing one of our certifications. View all CMMI Certifications and get started on your own improvement path today!

CMMI best practices will help your organization improve efficiency, speed, and product quality fueled by a lower number of defects.

Luc Chiasson, Group Leader of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, CAE


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