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CMMI Safety is an integrated set of best practices improves
performance and key capabilities for organizations to assess, enhance, and improve their safety strategies.

The safety of products and services is not only important to
employees and employers, but also for the customer. A proactive approach to mitigate safety incidents will best position an
organization to properly address and respond to such failures, and keep an organization's brand in high-regard.
CMMI Safety is an integrated set of best practices that improves an organization’s capability to facilitate and manage safety activities.

Key Benefits:

  • Increase Quality — provide Thumbs up iconthe highest possible level of product safety, gaining customer loyalty and trust.
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    Reduce Risk — protect and defend against safety risks by following best practices throughout the product lifecycle.

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    Improve Employee Morale and Turnover — providing a safe work environment promotes the wellness of your employees, thus increasing their desire to work.

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    Develop Resiliency — reduce the impact of failures with a process to prevent and respond to safety incidents.

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Starting with CMMI — CMMI contains a view specifically for Safety and offers new features, including an online model viewer for accelerated adoption.



The CMMI journey has helped us develop a culture of process transformation with predictable delivery.

Devender Malhorta, Vice President and global Head of Quality and Enterprise Risk Management, Wipro


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