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Beijing Fenghui Technology

Beijing Fenghui Technology



About Us

Beijing Fenghui Technology Co., Ltd. is a Consulting company providing process improvement consultations and appraisals. We work collaboratively with our customers, tailoring our standard processes to meet their individual needs. We have the following ways to do work for the customers: (1) to establish long-term relationships with our clients; (2) to understand our clients' needs based on our approaches to help the clients achieve their performance improvement targets; (3) to collaborate with our clients and help develop a strong internal capability to sustain change; (4) based on CMMI V2.0,to do the appraisals on developments and services.

Areas of Focus

  • CMMI Appraisal Services

Countries/Regions Served

  • China

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Chinese

Sponsored Individuals

Aihua Ren

Candidate Instructor - Building Development Excellence V2.0
Candidate Instructor - DEV
Candidate Instructor - Foundations of Capability V2.0
Certified Instructor - VSD
Certified Lead Appraiser - DEV V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - SVC V2.0
Certified Lead Appraiser - VSD
Certified Lead Appraiser CMMI-DEV
Certified Lead Appraiser CMMI-SVC
Certified Lead Appraiser CMMI-VRT

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