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Capability Counts 2018

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Anjali Kottha, VP of Technical Services

GMS Registrar, LTD.

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Anjali Kottha has over 8 years of experience in engineering and management appraising services. She is the VP of Technical Services at GMS Registrar and is the POC for their FedRAMP program. She is responsible for GMS Registrar's corporate growth initiative comprising of strategy, business development, and customer maintenance. Anjali is a Lead Appraiser and Lead Instructor for DEV and SVC, and a Lead Auditor for ISO 9000. Prior to GMS Registrar, she worked at The Cleveland Clinic and developed various clinically applicable software programs. Anjali is an active member in Toastmasters as her club Treasurer. She is also a strong supporter of the YWCA Women's Leadership Institute.


Application of CMMI PAs for Solving Organizational Issues

Conference Track: Integrating Models, Standards, and Methodologies

CMMI provides a framework for process quality and improvement within organizations. A challenge is presented when you employ CMMI in a consulting environment. In areas such as PMC and RSKM, you may find yourself facing an environment where elements of information are restricted or classified. Antiquated processes may produce organizational inertia, resulting in incompatibility when integrating with multiple standards such as Quality Management System, Security Management System and delivered through Project Management Methodologies. An innovative Cross Mapping Methodology is developed and Presented here with actual case studies for utilizing the QPM protocol.