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Capability Counts 2018

Speaker Profile

Pat O'Toole, Principal Consultant



Pat O'Toole is the only, and certainly the most well-respected, employee of Process Assessment, Consulting & Training (PACT), a CMMI-based consulting firm. He is one of the most active SCAMPI high maturity lead appraisers and has taught the Intro to CMMI course over 80 times. Pat has published over 50 articles and 25 research papers related to the CMMI, SCAMPI appraisals, and other performance improvement-related topics.

With nearly 40 years of software development, project management, and consulting experience, Pat works with all levels of management, EPGs, and Process Action Teams in establishing, evaluating, and sustaining their performance improvement initiatives.


How NOT to Apply Statistical Concepts on Your Projects

Conference Track: Using Quantitative Techniques to Improve Performance

As a high maturity (HM) lead appraiser, I spend a lot of time helping people understand how NOT to apply statistical concepts on their projects. That is, an appraisal finding is essentially saying, Here's where you're messing up a bit - stop doing that! Having led 37 +/- 2 HM appraisals, I have identified a set of recurring themes in HM appraisal findings. Note that most of these are not fatal falws, that is, the org may still get their desired HM rating. However, understanding, or better yet, avoiding these oft-recurring issues may help your projects achieve higher levels of performance - which is really what CMMI-based performance improvement is all about!

Do’s and Don'ts for CMMI-based Capability Enhancement

Conference Track: Tutorial

Instructor: Patrick O'Toole, Principal Consultant, PACT Fee: $250 This highly engaging tutorial provides practical advice that will help attendees to launch, or re-invigorate their capability enhancement programs. Blending real world examples, practical advice, and humorous analogies, participants will learn to think more robustly about their approach to building capability, and to apply proven approaches that they can implement immediately upon their return. Attendees who attend will learn to: • evolve senior management’s role from passive sponsorship to proactive leadership • generate business-oriented enhancement goals that provide organization motivation and focus • improve the integrity of their performance-related data • avoid many of the common mistakes that have de-railed those who have gone before Level and Orientation of the Audience, including Prerequisites (Beginner): This tutorial is useful for maturity level 1 organizations that are just starting out on their capability building journey, and for those that are encountering difficulty in making significant progress. The tutorial is intended for senior managers who sponsor improvement initiatives, Engineering Process Group (EPG) and Process Action Team members, as well as project managers and other “targets” of capability enhancement activities.