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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Dilek Oral-Ozdemirci, Lead Appraiser & Instructor for CMMI-DEV

Dora Process Consulting Inc.

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Dilek Oral-Ozdemirci is an experienced process improvement consultant with a software engineering background who likes to find better ways of doing things. She believes that at the heart of every successful improvement lies the desire to excite and satisfy customers. As a Lead Appraiser and Instructor for CMMI-DEV, she had the privilege to work with clients from different industries at different points in their improvement journey. Dilek is the founder of Dora Process Consulting, located in Toronto helping clients clear myths about how difficult process improvement is.



Bring Design Thinking Into Your CMMI Adoption

Conference Track: Creative Approaches to CMMI Adoption

Have you started your improvement efforts with the best interests for your organization in mind, but hit a wall? While you believe CMMI can help you deliver better products faster, are you facing push back from other teams? Senior management may want to adopt CMMI - because that's what the competitor is doing - but are they still holding onto what is currently being done? What if it was possible to achiev a new vantage point to process improvement that could bring satisfaction to our different "clients"?