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Capability Counts 2019

30 April & 1 May, 2019

Reston, VA

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Jeff Dalton, President and CEO


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What is the future of Big Agile? Jeff Dalton thinks this is our industry’s biggest challenge, and he’s been studying it for years. As the large adopters in the federal government and corporate sector begin to adopt agile, they’ll bring their habits, culture, and bureaucracies with them, and in dozens of podcasts, articles, books, and keynote speeches Jeff has been talking about getting in front of the wave. A veteran technologist and leadership coach, Jeff has been a Chief Technology Officer, Chief Technology Executive, VP of Product Development, CEO, and Agile Evangelist for over 30 years including time with Hewlett Packard, Ernst and Young, Polk, Broadsword, and AgileCxO. 



Agile Metrics: We're Doing it Wrong

Conference Track: CMMI: One Size DOES Fit All

While many large-scale organizations are "going agile," and using CMMI to do it, their focus on traditional goals and metrics is impeding their ability to be truly agile. This session will demonstrate why there is only one important goal, with a series of questions that needs to be answered in order to achieve true agility.

Panel Discussion: CMMI® and Agile in the Defense Sector: Challenges and Opportunities

Conference Track: Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, thought-leaders and innovators working in the U.S. defense sector – Government, defense contractors, consultants, and CMMI Institute – will discuss the challenges, opportunities, and value of adopting CMMI V2.0 and Agile in major Department of Defense (DoD) programs.

Tutorial Workshop: Agile Leadership Seminar

Conference Track: Tutorial

Are you a current or future technology leader? Do you aspire to be a CTO, CIO, or Director of Product Development, quality, or software engineering? Join Jeff Dalton, author of “Great Big Agile: an OS for Agile Leaders,” for this Agile leadership seminar and learn techniques for leading and inspiring Agile teams, and for scaling agile and self-organization both horizontally and vertically throughout your organization. During this seminar you will learn about: - Agile Values (and why they’re important) - How Agile is a system and a way of life, not a methodoogy - The most popular Agile frameworks - Agile techniques and ceremonies for leaders - Visual Information Management - A model for building, evaluating, and measuring agile performance Attendees will all receive a copy of Jeff’s new book “Great Big Agile: an OS for Agile Leaders,” seminar slides, access to an iPhone App, and links to free, downloadable content from This seminar will only be offered one time, so don’t miss it!

CMMI V2.0 – A Deeper Look: II/GOV

Conference Track: Exploring CMMI V2.0

This presentation will provide an in-depth review of the Practice Areas of Implementation Infrastructure (II) and Governance (GOV).